Understanding the reasons influencing research

Imagine a company that is established recently(a week ago) and the entire team — Developers, Branding experts, product/UX designers are been recruited and you are among the 1st ones to onboard. Now imagine you been told to put together some high fidelity wireframes and prototype, both the desktop and mobile…

This is part of an assignment for DesignLab’s UX Academy course which involved observing and analyzing icons around us

Icons are Shared imagery with which we can communicate ideas & information.

They have been in existence for a very long time in human history. They are shared language. They can…

A speculative look at where information architecture is going with virtual assistants, written as an assignment for DesignLab’s UX Academy

In 2016, I received Alexa as a gift on my birthday. Initially, I wasn’t attracted to it. It just sat there waiting for someone to speak to it the whole…

Anita G

A Product Designer devoted to designing impactful, memorable and efficient user-centered experiences.

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